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About AIB

We believe in offering exceptional value-added service to individuals and corporations and constantly
improve our services in the best sought out way.

We believe in communicating and educating our customers on an ongoing basis as we are keen on educating,
protecting and delighting our customers.

AIB Insurance Brokers is a leading insurance broker and risk management services provider.

We focus in identifying our customers’ needs and in the design of cost effective comprehensive insurance solutions.

6 ADVANTAGES dealing with AIB Insurance Broker


Expert Advice
AIB provides reliable and unbiased advice according to your needs. AIB makes impartial recommendations and have the experience and expertise to help you choose the right policy. we give the utmost importance to our customer needs, thus putting your interests first.


We have detailed knowledge about all the aspects of risk evaluation and choosing suitable insurance policies to protect your interests. AIB also helps you get the applicable discounts on the policies and ensure you purchase it at a fair price. In addition to this, we are up to date with any recent developments in the industry and will make sure that you get the right coverage.


AIB Insurance broker have access to a wide variety of insurers, including top-rated ones. AIB also provide you with policies from insurance companies that do not sell directly to the public. Thus, your options for coverage will significantly increase when you work with a broker. In addition to this, we help you obtain different quotes, compare their prices, and choose the right one to ensure that you get the protection you need.


Trust and Security
Buying a policy from a broker means you can rest assured that the recommended coverage is right for your specific needs. AIB helps you identify potential threats and ensure that you have adequate coverage. Our advice is independent of any particular insurance company and is in your best interests.


Advocacy and Influence
Should any dispute arise, AIB will help you deal with the insurance company. If you have to make a claim, they will ensure that you receive prompt payment without any hassles and help you get back to your life. In addition to this, their knowledge and contacts may also help you resolve a disputed claim.


Peace of Mind
By doing all the fundamental and essential work such as getting different quotes, comparing the prices, and ensuring that a policy meets all your needs, AIB will make selecting the right coverage easy and hassle-free.

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